Thursday, July 14, 2011


Did you know that, as I sit writing this, two children are being trafficked every minute?  That slavery - with conditions as bad or worse as those we learned about in grade school from the Trans-Atlantic slave trade - exists and impacts the lives of millions across the globe?  It's in every major city across the planet and often happens in the quiet neighborhoods most of us inhabit.  It discriminates only on the basis of economy.  Who can be taken and no one will come for them?  Who can be made compliant?  Who can fetch the best price?  I know the temptation is strong to put these things out of our heads.  They are ugly truths and painful to consider.  But that pain is nothing compared to those who experience this horror as their reality.  It is for their right to basic human dignity that we must look at these facts and then determine that the perpetuation of modern day slavery is a truth we will no longer abide.  For things you can do to help fight trafficking, please send me an email ( for a list of resources, and / or go here:

Pass the word on to your friends and loved ones.  For the two -to -four kids enslaved while you read this post, and the millions more just like them, please join the abolitionist fight today.

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