Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reconciliation and Blood Brothers

Reconciliation - taking the scattered, smashed pieces of God's creation and attempting to fit them back together.  Piece by broken piece, person by broken person.  Reconciliation is the foundation of all ministry - we are trying to reconcile ourselves, one another, the world back to the vision of God's intended world.  We are trying to soothe the discord of the violence, turmoil, and cruelty that we accept are just "part of life".

In his brilliant account of his experiences growing up Christian in 1940's Palestine, Father Elias Chacour writes of the wisdom of his seminary professor, Father Longere, who said:

  "If there is a problem somewhere, this is what happens.  Three people will try to do something concrete to settle the issue.  Ten people will give a lecture analyzing what the three are doing.  One hundred people will commend or condemn the ten for their lecture.  One thousand people will argue about the problem.  And one person -- only one -- will involve him (or her) self so deeply in the true solution that he (or she) is too busy to listen to any of it.... Now, which person are you?"

Where do you fit into the reconciliation of the world?

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