Thursday, July 5, 2012

First Year in Ministry or Why I’m Learning to Fly

Nope, this isn’t some sort of bizarre nod to 90’s R & B, because I am actually learning to fly. 

This morning, I had my first flight lesson.    It was incredible and I can’t wait to get back for more.  It uses completely different parts of my mind than I stretch most days at work, it’s a challenge, and it’s fun.

Now the literature geek part of me loves the metaphor of flight, particularly for a first year solo pastoring.  There is nothing about my job that isn’t, in some way, learning to fly.  Things I have some experience doing – preaching, youth ministry, visits – I’m doing with a totally new group of people.  And things I have never done before – running session, long range planning in Christian ed, concerning myself with things like the budget and a beautiful but aging building and all the millions of details – are a total wilderness.  So, a lot like flying -- there isn’t much to do but try to learn the vehicle, rely on the system and your lay-leadership / co-pilots, and trust that God’s got you in the right place at the right time.

              The slight thrill seeker in me (hidden pretty deep) loves the adrenaline of both adventures, but most of all, the faith part of me loves the freedom, the jaw-dropping beauty, the wide-open possibility of being up, up, and away.

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  1. Hi Laurie: I think it is wonderful that you are learning to fly - A different view of the world often changes things for me - I hope it always does the same for you - and what a view you will have - just watch out for mountains, I think there are a few somewhere around you !!