Sunday, February 5, 2012


Hello friends!  The long silence has been marking time of my call search process - one defined largely by joy, and a bit of anxiety, and most of all, the inability to speak openly since it was not a done deal and Presbyterians can be a bit fussy about these things.  (Us?  Particular?  Never...)

It is with joy that I can now share that I've been voted in as the new pastor at First United Presbyterian Church of Loveland, Colorado!  I'll be heading out next weekend to appear on the floor of their Presbytery for final examination and, if approved, I will be ordained the following weekend at my home church.  I'm still processing the implications of that identity shift - actually becoming the Rev. Laurie - but that's for another blog post.

For now, I simply want to share my sincere thanks to those who have partnered with me in this process.  Non-church friends who listen with bewilderment at the papers and committee meetings and endless processes that make up the walk towards ordination.  Family and dear friends who gather me up when I felt discouraged.  Mentors and colleagues in ministry, justice, and compassion who gently correct my mis-steps, and who provide encouraging feedback.  Seminary friends for 3 am conversations figuring out exactly how little we knew and know about life.  All of you who stood beside me in helpless awe at how well things work out, sometimes when we least expect it.

So it is with joy and optimism that I step into this next chapter of a pretty wild adventure - solo pastor serving a vibrant little community in the nearby cradle of the Rocky Mountains.  Thanks for joining me.  Allons-y!